The deposit was exploited in the past without any specific geological prospecting, and was discontinued over the past five years. The prospected area falls within the catchment area of the Mochuritsa River, the Tundzha River left-side feeder, and is located between the Sofia - Burgas highway and the "Tsanko Tserkovski" dam lake. The village of Venets, about 3 km on the west, is the nearest village. The deposit area falls within the land of the village, and administratively is within the municipality of Karnobat, Burgas region.
On its southern slope the terrain is slightly inclined to the south and to the dam at an angle of 10-15°, and includes farmland of 3rd, 4th and 7th category.
This is a territory of transitory continental climate with slight maritime influence from the Black Sea, and is characterized by relatively warm and wet winter and warm and sunny summer. Autumn is warm and dry. The average annual temperature is 14 °C, and annual rainfall - about 500 mm

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