The deposit represents a smooth monoclinal surface rising on the south and bordered on the east by a deeply cut gorge of north-south sub-meridian direction, descending from the town of Karnobat and crossing the town. The gorge divides the surface into two halves, east and west; the highest elevations of the Hissar hill reaching 403m rise on the south of the prospected area.
In terms of geology, the raw material for obtaining crushed fractions for road construction and aggregates for concrete is andesite-basalt tuff varieties of Late Cretaceous volcanism. The mineral composition of andesites includes anphibole, augite and biotite.
These are strong rocks of massive texture and porphyry structure with porphyrian plagioclase, anphibole and rarely biotite minerals. Gray-greenish in colour.
The reserve capacity, up to the assumed elevation of (+ 315m) for calculation, varies between 29,70 linear meters to 51,10 lm, 36,14 lm in average

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