Gorno Ezerovo


The Gorno Ezerovo Field is located 3 km southwest of the Res./A. Gorno Ezerovo. An asphalt road connects the modern well developed operation to Res./A. Gorno Ezerovo.
In the tectonic division of the country the above area is referred to as the so called Srednogorska geosynclinal area. That, in particular, occupies parts of the northeastern outskirts of the Strandzha Mountain, ending there with the Varli Bryag dome-like fold. The deposit is located within a hill of 146.6 m elevation.
The hill core is made of effusive compositeness in the shape of flows, roofs, domes and dykes bound by a deep crack zone. The volcanites, Senonian in age, are composed predominantly of andesite, however, with facial modifications:
- Trachyandesites; trachy-andesite-basalts
- Latite andesites; andesite-basalts

As a result of prospecting works the reserves were approved by the State Committee for Reserves through Protocol No. 1290 / 13.08.1976; expropriated areas are 1090 decares, with 800 decares developed so far. The quarry is developed on three horizons, with the bottom one at an elevation of 65m, while the operation is expected to complete at an elevation of 40m.

Information on the Concession